Mike Mears
Leadership speaker, consultant, and author


In the last five years we have learned more about leadership than in any other period in history. And just in time! Neuroscience, advanced polling, positive psychology, and academia have made significant breakthroughs in understanding the nature of leadership and why great leadership energizes organizations and people.

Mike combines leadership research with rich, relevant stories and a dash of humor to supply imaginative ways to increase employee satisfaction and organizational performance. Mike earned his management and leadership stripes in the crucible of some of the best organizations in the world — as a Senior VP at General Electric Investments, as President of a fast food company, as the founder of the CIA's Leadership Academy, and in the US military as a combat commander and general's aide. Mike applies his training from West Point and Harvard Business School together with his years of real world experience to provide dynamic and entertaining public speeches and invaluable organizational training.

Credentials ...

  • Consultant to Intelligence Community senior leaders
  • Chief of Human Capital, CIA
  • Turnaround specialist for GE
  • Senior VP GE Investments
  • President of a Fast Food company
  • Started up 11 companies
  • General's aid
  • Decorated Vietnam veteran

What's been said ...

"Cutting edge leadership theory"

"Insightful and motivating"

"Great speaker"

"He can handle even tough audiences"

"Outstanding speaker"

"Thought provoking"

"I had fun and learned something, too"