Mike Mears
Leadership speaker, consultant, and author
About Mike

10 Second Summary

  1. When George Tenet needed a Leadership Academy at the CIA, he went to Mike Mears.
  2. Mike is a visionary thinker and thought leader in practical approaches to enhancing employee performance.
  3. A leadership speaker, trainer, consultant, and author.
  4. He does keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and seminars. He uses a highly interactive approach even with groups of 300 and more.
  5. Sample topic - Leadership Secrets: Ten Important Questions and Answers.
  6. Mike has extensive public and private sector experience at GE, CIA, and small businesses.
  7. His first two books, Elements of Leadership and Life: a guide to building trust, and Hidden Leaders: ordinary people with extraordinary traits will be published in summer of 2008.


Mike has a colorful background. He is a retired CIA executive engaged in consulting, training, and professional speaking on management and leadership topics. He draws from his past public and private sector and military experiences to include his experience as:

  • Consultant to Intelligence Community senior leaders
  • Chief of Human Capital, CIA
  • Manager of compartmented government programs
  • Turnaround specialist for GE
  • Senior VP at GE Investments (private equity investing)
  • US Senior Commercial Officer to Moscow
  • President of a fast food company
  • Entrepreneur (11 start ups)
  • Commander of a nuclear missile site
  • General’s Aide
  • Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Mike has a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Harvard Business School.