Mike Mears
Leadership speaker, consultant, and author
Leadership Seminar


A powerful highly interactive day-long session tailored to your organization on what really works in leading others.  The former Director of CIA's Leadership Academy provides exciting practical leadership techniques based upon current neuroscientific research on what makes people tick.

Tailored to any management level from supervisor to executive, the exciting day-long session covers practices used by hundreds of great leaders to improve performance and morale. The session also shows why most leaders fail, and the five essential steps to become a great leader.

Successful completion of the seminar will increase participant knowledge and ability to:

  • Develop and demonstrate key leadership approaches to energize and engage employees.
  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Overcome the drag of cultural and bureaucratic impediments.
  • Increase effectiveness through five communication mechanisms that will break through organizational background noise.
  • Gain the support and cooperation of team members by actively involving them in the decision-making process.
  • Foster creativity, accountability, and empowerment in the workplace.
  • Encourage leaders to become personally motivated and enthused about their work, the team, and the organization.

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