Mike Mears
Leadership speaker, consultant, and author

Testimonials from Tough Audiences:

Your presentation in Stockholm was the hit of the event and the participants are still talking about it. We tapped into [name deleted] from the Kellogg school as a follow on to your presentation at an event in Ottawa last month and it brought out comments again on how impressed the Europeans were with what you did in Stockholm.
    -Western Intelligence Service Executive

“Home run with Mears. I am sooooooo impressed. Thank you!"
    -Executive at a Global Investment Bank

Thanks go to you. Your passion and data got us focused. Now we will follow through.
    -Chief Operating Officer, Large Federal Agency

The feedback that I have received indicates that your talk was an overwhelming success. People really appreciated you candor, humor and insights into what it takes to be a leader. The experiences and stories you shared really resonated with my team as we too straddle the line between commercial and government organizations. Your ability to draw out the audience and to get them to engage with you right from the onset is world class.
    -Big 8 Consulting firm

Formal participant feedback at the conclusion of the five-week program made it clear that Mr. Mears was rated "superior" as a speaker, both for substance and delivery, receiving some of the strongest ratings and commentary in the history of the PTSS (other speakers include senior NATO, U.S. State Department and FBI officials). This is no small accomplishment; the PTSS audience traditionally regards speakers with a discerning, and often critical, eye. The participant assessment is fully and universally shared by the Marshall Center faculty members who have had the real pleasure of interacting with Mr. Mears.
    -Official, International Center for Security Studies

Testimonials from attendees:

“Mike’s “gift” at the end was wonderful. It will always hang in my office.”

“Very positive and energetic personality.”

“This was terrific!!! I would have liked the opportunity to ask more questions.”

“Mike is an outstanding speaker. I would go to hear him anytime he speaks.”

“Superb speaker – really wanted to hear a lot more.”

“Excellent, engaging lecture. Brought real-world insights to the leadership materials presented. Good job in bringing out the crowd and getting us involved.”

“This was an inspiring talk. It combined a realistic assessment of the present with tremendous optimism for the future.”

“A very thought provoking session. An excellent presentation.”


“Mike is a great speaker. Excellent”